Best Handset Recommendation to Use

Best Handset Recommendation to Use – Nowadays more and more people are happy to listen to songs to be able to explore the songs they want to hear and also usually songs can give a feeling of comfort and express themselves.

Many people think that good earphones are the same accessories as other audio devices such as headphones, headsets, and handsfree. Actually, these four types of devices are only the same in terms of function, but the features and product design keep differences from one another. Like what? Please read this section so that you are no longer mistaken in distinguishing between them.

Best Handset Recommendation to Use

1. OASE MD-K10

The sweatproof feature has been implanted so you don’t have to worry about the earphones being damaged when exposed to sweat in the ear area. The bluetooth range of these earphones reaches 10 meters. It needs to be recharged before you can use these best wireless earphones handset information . Product design that allows wearing on the head.

2. Sennheiser MX 375

Elegant design, ergonomics, and compact dimensions so that it is light and easy to carry around. Capable of producing a stunning bass sound. Type of earbud with a speaker diameter that is large enough so that it is not suitable for the ears of some people.

3. Xiaomi Mi Piston 3

This earphone ever won a trophy from the Red Dot Design Award event in 2015 which was held in Germany from the aspect of product design. An improved version of the previous version (Xiaomi Mi Piston 2.1) The price is affordable for earphones with premium and sturdy plastic packaging.

The earpiece is made of a mixture of metal and plastic with an angle of 70° pointing downwards to prevent falling or sliding. The speaker section is covered by silicone earbuds that can fit into the ear canal perfectly, of course very comfortable when used.

4. Razer Hammerhead Pro V2

In ear headset with a modern highlighter green. The Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 is the result of a redesign from the previous version to provide longer durability and focus on body strength. The cable is flat (flat style) so there is less risk of tangles and allows you to put these earphones in your trouser pocket.

5. JBL T290

This type of best earphone cable in the world is flat so that it mobilizes the need for more flexibility without the hassle of cable tangling. One of the best earphones in the world that has been used by many people. JBL has embedded these earphones with a built-in microphone to support communication.

The sound-producing section (output) is claimed to be able to issue a deep bass boom by balancing clear vocal quality. Equipped with a feature to receive voice calls or change control via the controller button located on the top cable near the earbuds.