This Is The Loss When You Don’t Have a Perfectionist

This Is The Loss When You Don’t Have a Perfectionist – As we all know and also understand that everyone must of course have a sense of responsibility and must also have a lot of things prepared very carefully,

Many people think that perfectionism should be avoided because it will make us deify perfection and forget that we are only human beings who can make mistakes. In fact, being a perfectionist is also very important because it can make us more thorough in various things so that the risk of failure can be minimized.

So, what if you don’t have a perfectionist at all? Of course you will reap losses because of your reluctance to crave perfection. Well, rather than being curious, here are the disadvantages that will come when you don’t have a perfectionist nature. Listen to the end, OK!

This Is The Loss When You Don't Have a Perfectionist

1. Get used to doing something half-heartedly
It is true that to get the best results in something requires totality in every process and of course that can only be realized if you have a perfectionist nature. However, if you don’t want to be a person who wants everything to be perfect, then you leisuretimeattractions will get used to doing everything half-heartedly.

Remember that the way you do things will have an effect on the final result. If you just can’t be a perfectionist in what you’re doing, then it’s certain that the results won’t be optimal.

2.Easy to feel satisfied and reluctant to want more
The next bad result if you don’t have a perfectionist nature in yourself is that it becomes easy to feel satisfied with your efforts and hard work. Even you are so reluctant to want something more than before.

This attitude of being satisfied and feeling enough is clearly very dangerous because it will only prevent you from developing in a better direction and of course you will be left far behind from other people who always try more.

3. Cultivating carelessness
As mentioned earlier that having a perfectionist nature is very important because it will make you accustomed to doing things carefully and will not tolerate the slightest mistakes so that you are expected to get satisfactory results.

But if you don’t have a perfectionist nature and want to do something perfunctory, then you become a careless person and like to neglect small things that can have a huge impact on your work so that you will only disappoint those who entrust something to you.