Getting to Know the Rows of Alcoholic Drinks from the Lowest

Getting to Know the Rows of Alcoholic Drinks from the Lowest – Alcoholic drinks are one of the drinks that are usually drunk by many people to get rid of boredom and also the stress they feel.
Understanding the type of alcohol is important before deciding to drink it. Why? Because the alcohol content in each drink is different. Some have a high alcohol content and some are low so it is safe to consume in limited quantities.

To find out how much alcohol is in each liquor, consider the following points. So, you can know which drinks can be consumed and which ones are better avoided.

Getting to Know the Rows of Alcoholic Drinks from the Lowest


Rum has an alcohol content of about 40-60%. This drink is mostly produced by countries that produce sugar such as India and the Philippines. Why? Because the raw material for rum is molasses or brown sugar from fermented bookiesrights sugarcane juice.

Usually rum will be mixed with various fruits to give a more comfortable taste on the tongue. In addition, several types of rum are also distilled to remove the brown color. Some well-known rum brands are Diplomatico Rum Reserva Exclusiva and Don Papa Rum.


Vodka has a high alcohol standard of around 40%, but some countries require it to be only 37.5%. This clear drink comes from Russia, Sweden and Poland. Since hundreds of years ago, these three European countries produce vodka with different flavors.

Vodka is generally made from grains that have starch. In addition, some ingredients such as molasses and fruit are also often used. Furthermore, the material will be fermented to produce alcohol.

There are many brands of vodka and each country is usually unique. Some well-known brands are Belvedere Vodka and Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka. To be able to get this drink, you just have to come to the big bars around the world. Almost all of them provide this menu.


Whiskey is generally made by fermenting malt from barley or wheat. The seeds will be made into sprouts before being dried and further processed for fermentation. Some whiskeys are also made by distillation of beer.

Whiskey that is widely sold in the market generally has undergone a filtering stage so that the alcohol content is up to 40-60%. With this high level, whiskey should only be consumed on a limited basis every day.

Some well-known whiskey brands are The Macallan Sherry Oak and Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve.


Brandy is alcohol made in a method similar to wine. However, the wine used is not ripe and contains a lot of sugar. Unripe wine is used because it contains a high level of acid so it is suitable to form the uniqueness of Brandy.

Generally brandy has a brown color. This color comes from the length of fermentation and storage. This drink has an alcohol content of about 28-30%. Famous brands are Hine Antique and Rémy Martin.


Tequila is made with a fairly unique ingredient, not grains or grapes, but a plant called Blue agave. This plant will be fermented traditionally to produce a drink with an alcohol content of around 38-55%.

This drink is easy to find in Central America like Mexico. Some famous brands that you can try are Don Julio and Clase Azul Reposado Tequila.